Submissions Library

As part of the Inquiry’s consultation process, public submissions were open from 27 November 2017 to 19 March 2018.

Through submissions and public meetings, the Panel heard and received large amounts of information and many views regarding hydraulic fracture stimulation, its associated activities and its regulation. The submissions arising from the open public consultation process, including what was heard at each of the public meetings, is available below and listed in alphabetical order of surname or organisation.

Contact details, including email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers have not been published, and identifying information about individuals, crude or abusive language has been removed where necessary. Apart from those considerations, the submissions have all been published in full.

Through the public meetings and written submissions, the Panel has heard many divergent points of view, often with conflicting information, and sometimes outside the Inquiry’s scope. In publishing these submissions, the Panel is neither endorsing nor validating their content and will not engage in public debate about individual submissions. The Panel will consider this information and evidence, along with broader scientific literature and expert opinion, in forming advice against the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference.

The Panel is no longer receiving public submissions.


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