Report and Papers

Final Report and Appendices

Below is the Final Report and Appendices of the Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation in Western Australia.

Background and Issue Paper

Below is the Background and Issue Paper, which is provided to inform the development of submissions to the inquiry into the process of hydraulic fracture stimulation in WA:

Introduction to Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation

The following paper provides more details of the history and technology of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation as it has been applied to date in WA:

Resource Description and Hydrogeology

The following paper provides an overview of the shale resources and associated hydrogeology in regions of WA where Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation might be considered to produce gas:

The Regulatory Environment

The following paper details the current regulatory framework that governs petroleum resource development, including hydraulic stimulation for unconventional gas: