Have Your Say

This is a scientific inquiry, and the Panel are seeking input from stakeholders and the public to assist the inquiry to ensure the Panel has:

  • A full and appropriate understanding of the environmental values potentially at risk from unconventional oil and gas developments involving hydraulic fracture stimulation;
  • Any data or other evidence that might inform a scientific risk analysis of those impacts, with an emphasis on local geographies and geologies, and local evidence from Western Australia; and
  • Any reflections or experience on what a regulatory framework should ideally look like if the Government lifts the current Moratorium.

The Panel will consider perspectives, concerns and projections of onshore hydraulic fracture stimulation in Western Australia, within the scope of the Terms of Reference, as well as technical evidence that would inform their consideration.

Submissions to the inquiry are open until 19th March 2018.

You can provide information to inform the inquiry by:
  • Uploading your submission here

Independent Scientific Panel Inquiry
Locked Bag 33
Cloisters Square

  • Speaking with Panel members at one of the public meetings in Perth, the Midwest or the Kimberley.

The Panel intends to publish all submissions on this website under the name of the submitter and no anonymous or confidential submissions will be accepted.

Contact details, including email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers will not be published.

You are welcome to register your interest in being made aware of news, opportunities for input, times and places of the public meetings, and publications made by the Inquiry through leaving your email address here.